How to make screen time a healthier activity for kids?

This happened to a friend last week. After a hectic work week, a play date with her Kids was the one thing that she was really excited about. Out of excitement, she even got up early on a Sunday to prepare their favourite snacks only to find out that it had started raining.

She was hoping that the skies would clear out by the time they get ready to leave, but no luck! L

Even though she got disappointed because of this, it had no effect on her kids. They were happy about all the extra screen time they were going to get that day. So they just moved from their beds to the living room couch (with an iPad in their hand off course!)

Most of the parents I talk to show at least some amount of concern about their child’s screen time! Well there is a reason for us to be worried about our children’s screen time. A BBC study in 2015 showed that the average screen time for kids has more than doubled in the last 2 decades.

But what if there was a way to make this screen time healthier and more stimulating, and not just fun?

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Here are some healthy screen time activities for Kids –

Turn you living room into a fun dance floor

Everybody loves watching videos on kaju-tv/">YouTube. The billions of views on songs like Wheels on the Bus… are enough to prove that!

We recently launched a fun dance game for kids that encourages them to get off their seats and on their feet while they listen to their favourite songs and rhymes!

This dance game utilizes our cool new motion tracking feature to track your child’s dance steps and gives her real time feedback on her dance. This makes the activity much more engaging for the child than just listening to the song or watching a video.

You can download this game on your iOS or Android device from this link – click here to download

How to turn you living room into a fun dance floor?

It’s simple, all you need to is turn on this dance game and cast it wirelessly to your TV. Wireless casting or mirroring works with Android TV or Chromecast or Apple TV.

So, excited to get you kids off their seat and on their feet?

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