DIY Activity – Mobile stand for Kaju games

This is a very easy DIY activity to make a mobile stand using a cardboard sheet. This stand can be used to hold the phone while playing any our motion based games and watching beautiful stories from our Kaju Afterschool App.

Step 1 – Take a sheet of cardboard, cutter and a pen

Cardboard sheet

Step 2 – Fold the cardboard sheet in half as shown below

Fold cardboard in half

Step 3 – Draw the shape shown below on one half of the cardboard sheet and cut the outer portion.

Draw the shape on cardboard

Step 4 – Cut/Remove the outer portion of the sheet

cut outer portion

Step 5 – Now fold the cardboard sheet in half again

fold in half

Step 6 – Trace the cut portion on the other half of the sheet as shown below and after tracing, cut out the outer portion from this side

cut outer portion

Step 7 – Your mobile stand is ready for use!

In case you want to make a stand for your iPad, make sure you use a cardboard sheet that is almost as big as your iPad.

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