4th July holiday activities for kids

Celebrate this 4th July holiday with some fun games, activities and crafts for you and your kids.

Lego American Flag –

This is a simple activity where you can build a US flag with simple Lego bricks. The entire family can participate in this activity and also, you can use this opportunity to give your kids a little bit of information on the history of the Flag!

4th july activities-1

Fact about the national flag for kids –

  • There are 50 stars on the national flag, each star representing a state in the United States.
  • There are 13 horizontal stripes representing the original 13 colonies that become the first states in the union.
  • There is a national flag on the moon planted by Neil Armstrong.

Fireworks in a Jar –

If your child is fascinated with colors and fireworks, then, this simple experiment is for you!

All you need for this experiment is some oil, water and food coloring.

4th July gift 1.1

Step 1 – Fill you jar almost 3/4th with some warm water.

4th July gift 1.1 food color mixed in oil

Step 2 – In a separate bowl mix, mix 3-4 tablespoons of oil and  3-4 drops each of multiple food colors.

Step 3 – Mix the oil and the food coloring together with a fork.

Step 4 – Now, gently pour the oil mixture into the water filled jar.


Step 5 – Watch what happens – the food coloring slowly starts sinking out of the oil and into the water.  When this happens, it expands and begins to mix with the other colors.

Turn white daises red and blue –

This is a fun science experiment for kids. All you need is Some white daises, Red and blue food coloring, 2 cups, Chopping board and Knife

Turn daises into red and blue 1

Step 1 – Add water in both the cups and mix red food color in one cup and blue in other.

Turn daises into red and blue 2

Step 2 – Pick your daises and slice their stem in half lengthwise.

Turn daises into red and blue 3

Step 3 – Place the flowers over the watered color cups such that one stem is dipped in blue cup and other in red.

Turn daises into red and blue 4

Step 4 – Within a couple of hours the flowers will start changing colors and you will hav your red and blue daises.

Read Patriotic Picture books for 4th of July –

Use this holiday to teach kids more about their country and its history with some these beautiful picture books.

4th july activities

Which is your favourite picture book for 4th of July? If it something else than the ones shared above, please do add its title in the comment section below.

Head to this pinterest board for more picture book lists.

Paper Plate Flag –

This is a fun craft activity perfect to keep kids busy during the 4th july holiday and also, it makes for great decorations too!

All you need for this activity is plates, red, blue and white paint, paint brushes and Qtip.

Step 1 – Draw lines to help kids by marking where each color will go.

Step2 – Paint a blue rectangle in the left top corner of your plate

Step 3 – Paint horizontal red stripes

Step 4 – After the blue paint has dried off, create stars using a Q tip dipped in white paint.

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe independence day!

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