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This site captures resources and ideas about movement based education and innovative pedagogy. You will also find first-person accounts and posts from some experts in the field of early childhood education and the team at Nayi Disha.

About Nayi Disha

Technology today has become an integral part of any child’s life. Now children are well proficient with Mobile games, Smartphones, Youtube etc. even before they start their preschool!

Introducing different modern technologies to Children has its own advantages, but we as parents and educators need to keep a check on whether the technologies our children are interacting with are developmentally appropriate for them.

At Nayi Disha Studios we build technologies for Children that are not just fun and interactive, but are designed for their all-round development.

Our proprietary Movement based learning technology facilitates kinesthetic learning in classroom.

Kaju – our cute baby alien and children’s beloved friend helps us make learning fun for children with his friends, his dadi and his magical world.

Kaju at school –

Every child has a distinctive learning style. While the current education system only caters to visual and auditory learners, approximately 45% of the students in a typical classroom are kinesthetic learners. These Kinesthetic learners understand concepts and ideas better when they are performing an action. Unfortunately, kinesthetic learners are often deemed as mischievous, restless and disruptive with the present classroom disregarding their needs. Moreover, movement based learning, as a concept is almost absent in the present day classroom, in spite of its proven benefits.

‘Kaju at School’ modules utilise motion sensors to detect a child’s body so that he/she is able to physically interact with virtual content. We facilitate movement-based learning in classrooms.

In addition to this, our modules are based on Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences where they accommodate 7 out of the 8 intelligences listed in the theory.

Apart from using different intelligences, children also have a preferred learning style that they use to grasp ideas and understand concepts. ‘Kaju at School’ modules allow children to utilise their preferred learning style thus making them more active and engaged.

Thousands of children across 100 schools in India are already having a fun time playing and learning with Kaju every day.

Want to get Kaju to your school? Write to us – homework[at] nayidishastudios[dot]com

Kaju afterschool

‘Kaju afterschool’ is an innovative after school learning program designed for children between ages 2 and 6. It completely reimagines how families think of and use screen time.

Children explore Kaju’s magical world through fun learning activities, beautiful stories, movement based games, and much more, all from the comfort of anywhere in the world – simply on their iOS and Android devices!

One of the biggest complaints parents have with digital games for children is that they encourage a passive and sedentary lifestyle for children. Well… No more! With our proprietary motion-recognition technology, you can turn your phone/tablet into a motion sensing gaming device that keeps your child physically active!

Kaju offers hundreds of hours of content in the form of rich games, creative stories and family activities. These innovative games and activities designed by experts cover concepts across Math, English, General Knowledge and Music.

Visit kajuafterschool.com to get Kaju on your smartphones and tablets.


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