Activities: Run, jump and learn about Alphabets!

There are a number of ways in which Teachers make the kindergartners learn alphabets, spellings and association of objects with the same. Have you tried teaching them about these concepts by using movement in the class? These two activities require your students to run and jump while they learn about alphabets, object association and spellings of fruits. We are sure the children will enjoy getting off their seats and learning while moving around in the class!

Alphabet & Object Association

What will you need:

Letters (Cardboard cut outs, wooden, foam, magnetic, puzzle pieces or you can simply use colorful paper and write it on them)

Objects (You can find stickers of fruits, animals, musical instruments etc in the market or draw these from scratch on paper/cardboard)


What to do :

  1. Using the tape, mark two areas /boxes in the classroom (at least 5 to 7 feet from each other).
  2. Jumble up the letters and place them in marked area 1.
  3. Place the objects in marked area 2.
  4. Call out a child’s name (either by picking up a chit or through your roll call list) and a letter.
  5. Ask the child to run to marked area 1 and pick out the letter. After that, the child has to run to marked area 2 and choose the object that starts with the assigned letter.
  6. Once the child is done with collecting the letter and the object, make sure he/she shouts out the sound of the letter and names the object too.

To increase the difficulty level, you can make this a time-based activity. You can also choose to do away with the traditional objects and place cutouts or stickers of cities/regions/monuments starting with different alphabets. This activity will help the child to use his visual-spatial and bodily-kinesthetic intelligences.

Have you tried doing something unconventional while making the kids learn about alphabets ? Please do share you stories with us.

Fun with Mixed Fruit Tree and Spellings!

What will you need:

Chart paper, Pencil, Felt Pens, Fruits (stickers, cutouts from paper, wooden), Tape, Box, Post -its

What to do :

  1. Draw and color a tree, covering the space on the chart paper.
  2. Using the tape, stick the chart paper at a height where the child will have to jump in order to reach the tree.
  3. Cut out two sided glue tape in small squares and place them randomly on the branches of the tree. Make sure you have enough for all the fruits .
  4. Place all the fruits randomly in a box or on your table. Keep a felt pen and post-its on the table too.
  5. Call out a childs name and a fruit .
  6. Ask the child to pick that fruit and a post-it .
  7. Ask the child to write the spelling of the assigned fruit on the post-it.
  8. As a last step, the child needs to jump in order to stick the fruit on one of the squared tapes. You can ask the child to spell out the name of the fruit loudly in front of the class and attach the post-it to the fruit.

This activity will help the child to learn about fruits and their spellings in an interesting manner by activating their verbal-linguistic and bodily-kinesthetic intelligences.

The suggested activities will also get some excitement in the class as it involves jumping and running around in the class!As a parent, you can also try these activities with your child at home .We hope you try these out with your students and children. Do let us know about your experience with these activities or any suggestions that you have. We would be more than happy to receive your feedback.

Nayi Disha builds movement based learning modules for kindergarten children using the Kinect and the Leap motion device. You can download the Skywriting Alphabets game available on the Leap Store here :

If you would like to view the demonstration of our modules at your school, drop us an email on homework (at) nayidishastudios (dot) com or comment below.

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