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Katie was having a fun time watching stories on the Kaju app when one particular story amazed her!

It was a story where one day Kaju saw a Toucan flying high up in the air but got unhappy when he himself tried to fly, and was not able to do so!

Kaju felt better only after his dadi (grandmother) explained to him about how living things that are light in weight and have wings can fly, while others can’t.

But, wouldn’t it have been wonderful if both Katie and Kaju were able to identify living things that can fly simply by playing a game?

Well, they can now –

Things that fly is a fun game for kids that helps them identify birds and animals.

How to play this game?

While playing this game, kids are shown an image of an animal or a bird. All they have to do is to flap their hands like a bird’s wing and jump if they see a bird or quickly bend down if they see an animal.

The app then uses your device’s front camera to track your child’s movements and provide them with the correct feedback.

This flapping, jumping and bending actions ensure that Kids remain physically active while playing this fun game about birds and animal and at the same time, ensuring healthy screen time for your Kids.

The game also comes with a swipe mode, where kids have to swipe up for a bird and swipe down for an animal!

This feature comes in handy when your child is not able to stand up and play for e.g. while in the backseat of a car.

This fun learning game is designed for kids 2-6 years old.


Where can I get this game?

This fun game is available on both the Apple’s app store and Android Playstore. You can download the game from this link  – Click here to download

Have a fun learning experience!

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