How to teach kids not to interrupt during conversations

I know it annoys you at times. You are just about to get on the phone, or are engrossed in an interesting conversation with your friend and you start listening to that little voice, “mummy”. At times it can be embarrassing, or even annoying. However, when your child decides she has something to say, then there is no one stopping him/her.

Even though waiting for a turn to speak feels like the eternity to children, but it is an important social skill they should have!

Here are some tips that might help –

Set a good example

Be the change you want to see. Children learn a lot through what’s happening around them. Avoid cutting off your child while she is conversing with you or someone else.

Social skills - set a good example

Tell her what to do instead

Simply telling your child to not to interrupt is not going to help. You should develop a plan where she can request your attention, without actually interrupting you.  For e.g.  you can decide on a signal when she has a question for you and you are already occupied with someone else. Or, you can ask her to wait for a pause in your on-going conversation.


Practising new skills will help your child will help her to wait for her turn during conversations.

Social skills - practise new skills

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