Keep children physically active during their screen time

Worried that your child is missing out on the much-required physical activity in this day and age of mobile games?

Worried that too much passive screen time might lead to potential health risks for your child?

Well, not anymore!

With its motion recognition technology, the Kaju app turns your mobile into a motion sensing gaming and learning device.

For e.g. to play Kaju’s number line game children have to jump to move Kaju across the number line.

The kaju app uses various sensors (camera and accelerometer sensors) on your device to track your child’s movements.

Download the Kaju app from the link shared below and make learning fun for your child.

Why movement based learning?

Various researches over time have proven that being physically active during the learning process has its own advantages. Kinesthetic learning style is one of the commonly found traits in most children across the world. These are children who don’t like to sit down in one place, they understand ideas and concepts better when they are performing an action. But, unfortunately, we often deem them as mischievous, restless and disruptive and in a way disregard their needs.

During early years of learning children are kinesthetic and tactile learners, moving and touching everything they learn. It helps them to understand and recall concepts easily.