Why is Dancing Awesome for your kids (and even you)?

Kids love music and it always feels wonderful to watch them get on their feet and dance to their favourite tunes.

Be it a formal dance class or free styling at home to Let it go…, Wheels on the Bus etc., dancing is always a fun filled activity for Kids.

But, did you know that dancing actually helps kids a lot in their growth. No, I am not talking about how dancing is a great form of exercise for our toddlers and pre-schoolers. That it is, no doubt! But, the benefits of dancing on your child’s mind, body, their ability to explore, socialise and communicate are way more significant.

Here are 5 reasons why dancing is awesome for Kids –

Physical Growth –

Dancing helps children in improving their physical strength, flexibility, stamina and range of motion. It also helps in their muscle development and improving their balance.

Dancing also helps to maintain a healthy weight, thus helping in avoiding issues like overweight and  obesity

Boost Self Esteem –

Dancing helps children in fostering a more positive attitude and explore their own self expression thus improving their self esteem and confidence.

Improve Coordination –

Dancing is the best way to improve a child’s coordination.

All the different steps and routines that kids have to follow while dancing helps in developing better coordination.

Enhance Creativity  –

Dancing involves a lot of practice and imagination on the dancer’s part to think and execute different dance steps. This helps kids in enhancing their creativity.

Improve social Skills –

Dancing often involves participating in group activities, working with a team, interacting with others etc. All this helps kids in developing a greater sense of trust and Cooperation and making new friends.

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