5 fun father’s day gift ideas for Moms and Kids

With father’s day around the corner, it’s time to start planning the perfect father’s day gift that will make this day a memorable one for fathers!

Here are five practical and meaningful gift ideas that are sure to make any dad smile –

Mustache Mug –

Add a cheeky mustache to a plain porcelain mug and make it a daddy’s mug.

Moustache mug

All you need for this is a plain porcelain mug and some porcelain paint.

Gift Basket –

Gather a bag full of dad’s favorite goodies and have the kids help you organize the basket.

Goodie basket for father

Daddy cupcakes –

This one is for the dad’s with a sweet tooth.

Make a batch of cupcakes and decorate them based on dad’s favorite sport or his favorite sports team.

Sports themed cupcakes

Head to this pinterest board for some inspiration.

Father’s day medal –

This is a quick last minute DIY gift idea which you can do easily with your kids.

No 1 dad medal

All you need for this are some household craft items like ribbon, card sheet and some sketch pens or sparkle colors.

Family Desktop Picture –

You have to get a little bit sneaky for this one.

Hey, but this gift won’t cost you a dime!

Replace the wallpaper on daddy’s computer /smartphone with a nice family photo.

It will be a good surprise for him and will also remind him how much everybody loves him when he turns on his computer/smartphone on that day.

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