Halloween safety tips for fun and safe trick-or-treating!

Halloween is a fun and exciting time for kids!

But, venturing out in the dark for trick-or-treating without thorough planning can be tiring, frustrating and unsafe!

Here are some handy tips to celebrate a fun and safe Halloween –

Plan a route

Unplanned trick-or-treating can take you several streets away from your house, making it tiring and frustrating to head back home. So, before heading out for trick-or-treating talk to your children about where all they want to go and how many houses they want to visit and map out a route accordingly.

plan a route

Preferably stick to familiar houses in well-lit neighbourhoods.

Stay on the Sidewalks

Make sure you tell your children to stay on the sidewalks when out or trick-or-treating.  Walking on lawns can invite tripping dangers due different objects like lawn furniture, toys and other equipments.

Stay on the sidewalks

Also, avoid taking shortcuts like unlit back alleys and backyards.

Wear comfy shoes

Trick-treating can make you walk long distances and you need to ensure that both your and your kid’s feet  have the support of some comfy, well-fitting pair of shoes/sandals.

Wear comfy shoes

Keep your children visible

It will be a good idea to put some reflective tape on your child’s costume, so that he/she is clearly visible both to you and to the drivers on the road.

keep your children visible

Also, carry a flashlight to keep your child’s path lit at all times.

Avoid Masks

Masks can make breathing difficult for children and might also make it difficult for them to see. So, try and avoid masks all together.

Avoid Masks

Instead opt for a non-toxic make up to complete the costume.

Check your child’s candy

After trick-or-treating, the first (and probably the only) thing on their mind will be to start eating their candy.

Check your child's candy

So, make sure your carefully sort the candy on the same night itself. Be sure to throw out the candy that is not in its wrapper or whose wrapper looks as if it has been opened.

Don’t start on an empty stomach

And lastly, make sure the family has a filling and nutritious meal before heading out for trick-or-treating. Because, once the kids start getting their candy, it would be close to impossible to stop them from gorging on all their treats!

Happy trick-or-treating!


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