Healthy Screen Time for Kids!

Continuing from our last week’s post on ideas to keep kids active and engaged indoors, here is one  more healthy screen time activity for kids on rainy days –

Jump and Learn numbers 

In the last post we talked about being on our feet with music and dance. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could add some learning as well? – Kids could just jump, hop, play and still learn at the same time!

Well that’s what our game 123 Learn Numbers with Kaju is designed for –

‘123 Learn Numbers with Kaju’ is not just a fun kids maths game that teaches them counting, addition, multiplication etc., but it teaches them in a way children like to learn, which is Play and Learn!

To play this game children have to jump and hop, which is picked up by various sensors on your phone or tablet.

Extensive research over time have proven that being physically active during the learning process has many advantages. Response to kinesthetic learning (learning through movement) is a commonly found trait to varying degrees in almost all children across the world.

These children don’t like to sit down in one place, and understand ideas and concepts through movement. However, unfortunately, we often deem them as mischievous, restless and disruptive, and in a way disregard their needs. You can read more about Kinaesthetic learners here.

‘Learn Numbers with Kaju’ enables you to turn your mobile into a motion sensing gaming device so that your children play games which are developmentally appropriate for them!

You can download the  app on your Android or iOS devices from here – click here

‘Learn numbers with Kaju’ also features a beautiful story about Kaju’s adventures in space –

Wait, there’s more!

This app, too, come with a wireless casting (Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV) so that kids can enjoy learning numbers on a big screen!

Numberline app on TV with Chromecast casting

Did you plan any weekend activity with your family? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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