Hello from Nayi Disha!

Over the last year, one of the major suggestions that we received from our partner schools, teachers and parents is that we need to communicate more with them. To kick-start this process, we are launching our blog, ‘Stories from Kaju’s Classroom’.

Through this blog, we intend to share our resources, ideas and learning’s about movement based education, innovative pedagogy and early childhood development. Our blog hopes to act as a repository for K-12, pre-primary teachers and parents to find our more about kinesthetic learning, out-of-the-box classroom activities, and ways to engage children more effectively. We also welcome all our partners to share their ideas and experiences related to early childhood development and classroom instruction.

We believe in developing learning systems that are simple and enable children to hone their creativity and reasoning. With traditional educational methods being implemented in schools, children tend to get bored and are trained to think or respond identically. Moreover, these standard patterns in imparting education disregard the needs of a few types of learners in the class. We want to help caregivers cater to all styles of learning. We aim to do that by inducing movement-based learning in classrooms and; share relevant content and stories related to this space on our blog. Through this medium, we also want to encourage teachers to adopt cutting-edge instructive practices in the classroom.

Additionally, our guest blog section will have experts on early childhood education share their valuable insights with us. They will talk about the changing themes, best practices and the emerging trends in learning and early childhood education. Through this blog, you can also stay updated about the latest news and developments of our young company.

To know more about our company, go to the ‘About us’ page on our blog. If you would like to partner with us, contribute here, or share your views about our work, you can write to homework (at) nayidishastudios (dot) com .


One thought on “Hello from Nayi Disha!

  • February 13, 2015 at 1:10 am

    Very nice to see your doing wonderful work with the little ones,this is the stage where they need maximum kinesthetic fun and minimal rut classroom lecture for the best physiological and mental development.if they have experienced lot of fun and excitement in classroom along with existing teaching it lays a strong foundation for how they will relate and perform in academic sphere and respond in school environment.much required work,right age group!!
    I run skillsgurucool,a startup that’s working to supplement existing school curriculum to build a conducive environment for children’s overall growth through holistic approach.i am also the advisor for other leading educational product startups in child development space.best wishes to your company to grow and impact maximum children’s lives.


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