4 ways to get your child to talk about her school day!

“How was school today?”


“What did you do?”


This may sound familiar to many mommies and daddies?

When most mommies and daddies ask children about their day, they want to hear more than just an “ok” or “good”. They want to hear about what happened on the playground, all the play time stories, all the classroom stories etc.

Here are some tips/questions/conversation starters to make your child talk about her day-

  1. Talk while doing something that’s fun :

Some children easily open up to the parents when they are doing something they like.

For e.g. while playing their favourite board game, playing with lego blocks, while colouring etc.


  1. Ask open ended questions :

Instead of asking questions like “how was your school?”, “how was your day?” ask them questions like –

Did something funny happen in school today?

What did you play on the playground today?

and so on


  1. Ask specific questions :

As your child may not know what information you are exactly looking for, also add some specific questions to the open ended ones. For e.g., you can ask questions like –

Who did you sit with during lunch time today?

What picture did you draw during the drawing class?

Which game did you play during the play time?


  1. Take a look at their school schedule :

This will help you ask specific questions about different subjects and activities. For e.g. –

What did you learn in maths class today?

Which game did you play with Kaju today?

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