Kaju After School

Wouldn’t it be fun if the mobile kids games or tv games our children spend hours playing with could actually be used them to keep them physically & mentally active afterschool?

Well, that’s what Kaju does!

Kaju is a revolutionary new kids app designed for toddlers and preschool children. It is designed to make their afterschool time more fun and engaging with fun motion based games, learning activities, chromecast enabled games, exciting kids stories and more.

Motion Based Games –

The Kaju Afterschool app comes with a motion tracking feature for movement based games. This ensures that children are both physically and mentally active even during their screen time.

For e.g. to play the motion based number line game children have to jump and hop (either by holding the iphone/ipad in their hand or by standing in front of their mobile device) to move Kaju across the number line to the desired number. We utilize the camera and accelerometer sensors on your device to do this magic.

Fun learning Activities & Stories –

Kaju App’s learning games are designed to make learning fun for kids. The fun family activities and exciting stories make your child’s afterschool time more fun and engaging.

Wireless Casting –

Kaju App also has a wireless casting option. With the casting feature you can cast all the Kaju games and stories on your Android TV from your phone. In case you don’t have an Android TV, you can also use a chromecast device for casting.

Kaju’s fun learning games and afterschool activities are designed for children 2-6 years old.

Kaju’s games and activities are designed by educational experts for all round development of children.

These learning games for kids have been developed by Nayi Disha Studios – A pioneering preschool learning games company working over 100 schools in India. Our educational games are backed with extensive research in the field of early childhood education. Thousands of children already play our games at school, and we are now proud to bring Kaju to Millions of homes.

Kaju and Nayi Disha are the registered TM and Copyrights of Nayi Disha Studios Pvt. Ltd.