Fun Facts about Kaju’s Friends from across the world!

2017 was undoubtedly an exciting year for Kaju and his friends! 2018 has just started, and its already so much more fun! With summer still around the corner, Kaju and Mei Mei have already made thousands of new friends from all over the world!

Thanks to their friends, Kaju and Mei Mei are all set to become the next YouTube sensation!

Kaju’s YouTube Channel Kaju TV recently got more than 3 million views in the last 3 months!

And now with new videos and songs releasing every month, Kaju and Mei Mei have around 15 children singing and dancing with them every minute of the day!

Kaju and Mei Mei’s dance videos feature in over 2000 playlists!

Screen Time = Kaju Time

Children now spend more and more of their screen time with Kaju and Mei Mei with average session duration going up as high as 10 minutes, and many users clocking multiple sessions a day.

Now, Kaju Time is also Family Time

Our dance games are built to get kids off their seats and on their feet.

But, what we have observed is that Kaju and Mei Mei also turn many living rooms into fun dance floors, especially on the weekends, making Kaju time into fun family time. There is now 50% more usage over the weekend compared to the rest of the week!

Working in Villages in India

This year Kaju is also making friends deeper within India. We’re proud to be working with Anganwadis (Government owned Early Childcare Centers) across 50 villages in the state of Karnataka in India.


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