The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round…

“The wheels on the bus go round and round…”

Katie, 3 years old, was glued to her mommy’s iPad, listening to her favourite song (on loop!).

Even though her mother did not mind Katie watching kids songs and nursery rhymes on her iPad, she was getting concerned that her daughter was not getting as much physical activity as she did before the iPad came into her life. Her mother would find Katie glued to the iPad screen for hours, and nowadays it was getting difficult to take away the iPad without getting a tantrum in return!

When Katie’s mother shared this problem with us, we were already working on how to create value in the kids songs and nursery rhymes space.

The Eureka moment –

With the help of messages from concerned parents such as Katie’s mother, our research data on nursery rhymes & kids songs, and the success of our motion recognition technology with thousands of children around the world, we hit a blockbuster idea that would get Katie on her feet while listening to one of her favourite songs – The Wheels on the Bus!

What did we do exactly?

When we combined our cool new motion recognition technology with Kaju and his friends dancing, it was magic!

The first word heard after the song ends is, “Again!”

Children are still using screens, but now they are on their feet and following each and every dance step the characters make on the screen. It’s no longer passive and sedentary.

Since we are able detect children’s dance steps, we added visual and audio feedback to the dance video to make it a more enriching and exciting experience.

So, now, whenever Katie, or any of her millions of friends, dance well, their efforts are appreciated then and there itself. This encourages them to do even better!

One more thing… We added wireless casting capabilities to this app, so that families can enjoy this experience together, on their big TV screens.

Where can I experience this?

This dancing game went live last week and within the last 6-7 days, many families have been enjoying this learning (or dancing) experience again and again!

You can download this app on your Apple and Android devices from this link – Click here

Have a fun learning experience!

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