Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas

Kindergarten graduation ceremonies can be a significant milestone for children and their parents. It signals the start of a new vista for kids; one which is full of learning, fun and new experiences. So, why not celebrate this notable event with these gift ideas for your kindergarten graduate.

Books :

I knew you could front cover

Books can be an ideal gift for any occasion. You can include a note inside that your child can cherish for life.

I Knew You Could! is a wonderful picture book by author Craig Dorfman and illustrator Cristina Ong. In the book, the adorable little engine brings with it words to enlighten young minds as they enter a new phase in life. What Do You Do With an Idea? by author Kobi Yamada and illustrator Mae Besom is a little treasure of a book to encourage your kids to believe in their ideas and work on them despite obstacles in their path.

Toys :

Buid a Bear workshop

Kids love to get new toys; no matter the occasion. Try and go for toys and encourage your child to build something (like LEGO kits) or help them build on their imagination.

For your child’s graduation gift, you can plan a trip to a Build-A-Bear Workshop. Not only your kid gets to pick a toy of her choice, you can make it a memorable outing with a visit to your child’s favorite dessert place.

Personalized T-shirts :

kids wearing personalized tshirt

You can buy your kid a nice custom t-shirt that makes a statement and something that will find its place in his or her treasure box years down the line. If you are artistic, you can paint a t-shirt yourself to make the gift more meaningful.

Musical Instruments :

kids playing electronic keyboard

Kids love to explore new things. Therefore, musical instruments can be great gifts for kids. Electronic keyboards and guitars are something kids can enjoy even if they don’t take it up for the long haul.

Money Box :

kid putting money in piggy bank

First grade can be the perfect time to teach kids about the value of money. This is why money boxes can be a wonderful gift for kids. You can choose from a variety of personalized ceramic or wooden money boxes and fill it with gift dollars to start your kid on a journey to understand the importance of savings.

Accessories :

kid wearing wrist watch

A nice watch, a personalized bracelet or necklace are nice kids’ gifts for graduation ceremonies at any age. Wow, your little girl with a silver and gemstone bracelet or a pendant with her name engraved on it. If you want to gift your boy a watch for his kindergarten graduation ceremony, an analog one makes for a great choice.

Both boys and girls can use new backpacks whether for school use or family hiking trips. DIY beaded necklaces and bracelets can also be nice graduation gifts for kids.

Stationary and Scrapbooks :

kid writing in a scrpbook

Nothing says ‘school memories’ like a scrapbook. Gift your kid a brand new scrapbook as she journeys from her preschool to the first grade. You can also buy a set of notebooks or diaries to encourage your kids to put their thoughts or stories to words.

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