Do you know where Lusaka is? – Updates from Kaju & Friends

Do you know where Lusaka is? We’re embarrassed to say, a lot of us here at Team Kaju did not… but we do now!

Lusaka is the capital of Zambia in Africa. The reason we heard about it is because there seems to be a growing fan-base for Kaju and MeiMei that hails from the city.

In 2018 we set the aim to democratise access to our work and the experiences we can offer to kids. With new users every day, Kaju and MeiMei are painting the world blue.

Dance with MeiMei and Kaju - Wheels on the Bus global usage April to June 2018

Our hearts melt each time a child makes Kaju his/her own. You can read one such story forever close to us here. Another one of our friends is “The time Kaju wasn’t real!“. With thousands of children making Kaju and MeiMei their friends, we can only imagine what adorable tales they will come up with. If you would like to share any such anecdotes with us, please feel free to leave them in the comments below, or mail them to us on homework [at]

We could not have come so far without the love and adoration of the teachers, parents and caregivers like you. Help us spread the word, share Dance with MeiMei and Kaju with your friends!

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