Educational Computer Games with
Motion Sensing Technology

What is Kaju at school?

Kaju at school is an innovative learning program for kindergarten and preschool students.

Our movement based learning modules require children to jump, hop and clap while they learn concepts from their curriculum.

We utilize motion sensors to detect a child's body so the she is able to physically interact with the virtual content.

Learning Activities

Learning Activities

Our modules make learning fun by allowing children to utilize their preferred learning style

Movement Based Games

Movement Based Games

We facilitate kinesthetic learning in classrooms



Animated stories in our modules make learning an enriching and engaging experience

Kaju Jumping

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Kaju is already a part of 100+ schools across India where thousands of Children learn different concepts across English, Math and General Knowledge with Kaju’s movement based learning modules.

How Does it Work?

How does it work
All you need is a computer and a big display device (TV/Projector/Smartboard) at your school to get our motion enabled learning modules!

Parents Love Kaju

Parents love Kaju
“My Child loves Kaju! Not only does he learn while being physically active, Kaju also teaches him many good habits which counters what he otherwise picks up from TV.” – Anil M.

Why Kaju at school?

Kaju modules are carefully designed to benefit both the teacher and the learner effectively.
Enhancing classroom instruction

Enhancing classroom instruction

Our movement based modules help teachers establish a strong connection between the learning content and student's responses

Enabling Holistic learning

Enabling Holistic learning

Our modules facilitate kinesthetic interactions resulting in a holistic and immersive learning process.

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