Keeping kids active on snow days!

Snow days are undoubtedly fun, but they come with their own set of challenges and worries for parents!

The last minute school shut-downs may sure be what kids wish for, but for many parents, it means taking time off from work, finding baby sitters, making plans for the entire day and so on.

I should also perhaps add that snow days are not just a challenge for parents, but for teachers too – If the school is in session but kids can’t go outside because of snow (What? No recess?!)

At such times, keeping children physically and mentally engaged can be quite a challenge! But, it is still important.

One obvious solution that almost always divides the world into two camps – devices with screens like your phone, iPad or TV! Critics often see screen time as very unhealthy use of a child’s time –many even describe it as “junk food for the brain”. Naturally, the question then is, what if there was a way to make this screen time healthy and engaging?

Some of these questions lead us to design many activities for our eager young friends and their parents. Here is a fun indoor activity for your children to get them off their seat, and on their feet!

Dancing on Nursery Rhymes and Kids songs-

The world loves watching videos on YouTube – and so do our children. The billions of views on songs like Wheels on the Bus go round and round… are enough to prove that!

The magic happens when we combine three things – Kids Songs, our motion tracking technology and the wireless casting devices like Google Chromecast, Apple TV mirroring etc.*

“Double, double toil and trouble;
Twix, TV and tape of bubble?
Or perhaps some music and dance on your feet,
Then the charm is firm and complete.”

Kids have to dance on their favourite song (follow MeiMei’s dance steps from the app). The app tracks their dance steps using your device’s front camera. As your child follows MeiMei, the heart on the screen fills up. The better she does, the more quickly it fills up.

Children not only get to listen to their favourite songs, but they can also dance to them. (What a great way to use all that pent up energy!)

This dance game is a great fun indoor activity for kids both at home and at the school.

The setup –

All you need for this is our dance game app on your mobile or iPad, a big TV screen and the Chromecast device (not required if you have an Apple TV or an Android TV)

Step 1 – Download the app on your device from this link –

Step 2 – Open the App and tap on the TV icon to cast it on the TV.

Step 3 – Keep the device in front of the child as shown below and hit play!

So excited to turn your living room into a fun dance floor for kids? Share your fun snow day activities in the comments section below.

* you could also use a wire if your device supports it.

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