How to Keep Kids Physically Active this Summer Break

As soon as the summer break starts, one question that comes to every parent’s mind is how to keep their children engaged and active during the holidays.

Here are some ideas to keep your kids active and engaged in various constructive activities over the vacations.

Go for a Bike Ride –

May be to a nearby park or down the road to grandma’s place, taking out your kids for a bike ride can be a very good physical activity for them. Cycling in early years can help kids learn balance, improve their leg strength and also boost their confidence.

Summer Vacation Activity - Bike Ride

Try to organize the cycling activity in early morning or evening as the weather is nice then and also, kids are already used to getting up at that time.

Swimming  –

Help your child beat the heat with some time at the pool!

Learning swimming at an early age not only helps children become better swimmers, but it also improves their strength and flexibility and increases their stamina!

Summer Break Activity - Swimming

Play with Kaju –

Children love playing mobile and video games. But one complaint that most parents have with these digital games is that they make children sedentary.

But, what if there was a way where kids could play the mobile games they want to and still remain physically active!

Well, that’s what the Kaju app does!

Kaju turns your mobile into a motion sensing gaming device. The app tracks your child’s body movements through various sensors on your mobile phones to use them in the game play.

You can download the Kaju app on your Android and iOS devices from this link – click here to download the Kaju app for free. If you have an Android TV or a Chrome cast device, you can cast all Kaju games on your TV and enjoy the games on a bigger screen.

Fun Family Activities –

You can plan fun fitness activities which can involve the entire family, because, children learn by example! Here are some activities you can plan –

  • Every night after dinner, go out for a walk across your block.
  • Organize relay races with family and friends on weekends.
  • Fill your garage or yard with accessories your kids would like to play with for e.g. hoola hoops and start playing with them so that they stay interested.
  • Construct your own treasure hunt across the house, yard and the garage and invite friends and family to join you.

Summer Break Activity - Family Walk

While planning these or any other activities, do involve your kids. Have them come up with a list of their favourite activities and post it on the refrigerator. Have them tick off an activity after it is completed.

But, make sure you do not overdo it. All activities should be fun for children and they should be comfortable with all of them. If that is not the case, try another less vigorous activity.

Happy Summers!

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