Surviving car trips with kids!

Road trips(car trips) with kids are not always a fun fiesta!

But with a little planning, and some hacks you can definitely make these trips enjoyable and memorable ones!

Pack your Snacks

Pack a variety of snacks so that your child has a lot of options to choose from and will help in keeping them happy!

And if you don’t prefer eating inside the car, you can always take a small snacks break at any of the picnic spot along the way.

Also, make sure everyone has a bottle of water and some wet wipes for their sticky hands.

Beating the Boredom

Make sure to load up all your gadgets with your child’s favourite movies, songs, videos etc. well in advance. In case of youtube videos, make sure to save them up offline to avoid any signal loss issues.

Head over to KajuTV for fun stories, songs and gameplay videos.

Plan your stops wisely

No matter how fun the ride is or no matter how exciting all the movies, stories and videos are, kids will still have a hard time if they don’t get to wear out their energy!

So plan you break wisely and choose stops where kids can easily get out of the car, run around and play for a bit.

And, in case you cannot find a place for the kids to run around, just open any one of our motion based apps so that Kids can play with Kaju and wear off their energy!

Here are some of our awesome Motion Based Games for Kids –

Dance with Mei Mei – This is a fun dance game for kids which encourages them to get on their feet and dance on their favourite rhymes and songs. E.g.The Wheels on the Bus song.

We track your child’s body movements to give her real time feedback on her dance steps!

You can download the app from this link –

Learn Numbers with Kaju – This is fun maths game where kids have to help Kaju jump on the numbers. They do this by jumping themselves and we track these jumps using different sensors on your device.

You can download the app from this link –

Activity Bag –

Pack an activity bag for each child and make sure you add some new items (preferably wrapped in a gift wrapper).

The excitement of unwrapping a new item after every few hours will make the journey much more fun for the child!

So, what are your travel hacks when travelling with the little ones? Do share in the comments sections below



Surviving Car Trips with Kids
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Surviving Car Trips with Kids
Tips for parents to survive car trips with Kids
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